Sunday, April 29, 2007

The lazy needle

Well, I have to admit, my needle's been a little gunshy of "smoking"status of late. Life just got in the way, with a bit of this, a bit of that... and I'm starting to think that a large number of WIPs may actually slow down stitching progress,because after 15 minutes on this one, you think...hmmm I wonder if Wip no. 4 needs a little attention today... etc etc

Sea Stars, on the last leg, is finally showing signs of lagging. I've heard that this "I'm seeing the finish line, and now I'm really dragging my feet" syndrome among stitchers is common (wonder why?) and it does happen to me for just about every project. Towards the end, there is a little bit of regret, like saying goodbye to a friend you spent a good time with. And also a tiny bit of "ohgod, I have to work on this Again?" sense of exasperation coupled with "will this thing never end?" '

The Coven had a Mirabilia SAL.... Garden Verses, bottom of ribbon,with some sparklies....very little done...dismal progress, in fact.

Here's a band sampler... stalled halfway (no mood to continue) Patricia Ann's My Secret Garden. I guess I should finish this.... it really is fast.

And I started to learn freehand embroidery.... this is sooo fast compared to cross stitch. This is a heart (or will be) with sort of vine leaves and grape things.... flowers to be added later.

Ordered some Vikki Clayton silks for the hell of it. I'd blame Mona *giggle* but then I don't really feel any guilt from it (ordered the premium ones as you get better mileage)

And new news for the 25-motif challenge.... I'm tatting again! I bought a small book called Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach which has visual instructions and am testing the Beatrice one out. Once it's done (give it a little time) I can actually post a tatting project. This is a great takealong project and I can slip it into a small handbag all together and bring it anywhere, as oopposed to my triple storeyed floss boxes!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow u have started work on the PA already.....

Was that why I got a call from u earlier?? sorry but my phone has gone mad and I did try to call u back...

Wishing u a great holiday....


snowy said...

I'm pleased to read that you're tatting again...and looking forward to seeing even partial progress.
I was really saddened to read of your Bell's Palsy, and I hope that it has improved...?

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Looking good!!!
So, now you can teach me to embroidery as well *evil*

Have a nice stay in Indonesia!!