Monday, May 07, 2007

Sea Stars, and tatting tries

well, it's been 1 whole week of work in Indonesia... and it's non stop walking, looking, etc... very tiring. And now I'm back!

As usual, I overpacked the "stuff to keep me amused". But due to numerous plane rides, waits, bus rides, and now an aching back, here are some updates. (Will write more later, this is a pictorial post).

SEA STARS IS FINISHED!!!!!!! happy dance, woot woot!

And here are 3 tatting motifs, numbers 14, 15, and 16 respectively. Not all are done, though. At this point, I'd like to make a disclaimer for messy tatting... all of this you see down here is the result of the Indonesian trip, all of it done via:
a) tatting in a bus... very bumpy!
b) tatting on a plane, sans cutter or crochet hook so I was using the little tilted tip to hook the thread throuh in the joins.

There was a LOT of unpicking (followed by more cussing) and undoing and cutting and ... welll, much more mistakes than I care to admit. Have you tried to sew in the ends of thread in the middle of airplane turbulence? It's like being stabbed in the finger many many times. LOL

mini motif, in green Floretta thread. Size 10 (which I have learnt I hate)... because it sort of widens the little tips of the tatting shuttle, and it doesn't take any time to empty the shuttle again... I much prefer Size 20 and 30. (too chicken to try Dentelles)

This here is Beatrice, a doily from an Iris Niebach book. Sorry it's stopped (ran out of the variegated Anchor thread) I have to get more from the store... hmmm

Soo... out of boredom, I had to start another Niebach doiley, this one is called Cornelia, in Size 20 Cebelia in ivory and green. Now despite the bad reviews on Cebelia by some tatters, I really like this, because it's smooth and not too stiff, and it really has the better lace effect (IMHO!)

ok, gotta go watch Spiderman... blog laytah!!


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Congratulations on your Sea Stars!! It's beautiful.. so 3 down?
I wonder where's the whipper when the FBC founder make finishes LOL.

Kimberly said...

Sea Stars looks great! Congrats on your finish. Love the tatting also :) I really need to work a bit more on that myself.

Carolyn said...

Sea Stars looks GREAT! :) Congrats on the finish. :)

Karen said...

Sea Stars is fantastic!!! I have Garden Stars in the stash, and Sea on the wish list! Happy Dancing for you, and if the fiance doesn't like it, I'm sure any of us would be willing to take it off your hands! Kidding! The tatting is wonderful, too - another thing I've never tried. Yet.

TwistedCandles said...

Just lovely!

And you've been tagged for 8 Random Things. Rules and stuff are at my blog. :D

Ruth said...

All your stitching is wonderful-- Sea Stars, the dragon, the tatting... all of it. Now all you need to do is mail it all to me. I promise to give it a good home. lol

bells said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on finishing Sea Stars! It looks fabulous! And your tatting is sooo pretty! Did I mention how envious I am of your multitude of talents??

Charlene said...

Wonderful finished for the Sea Star. My head is spinning see the tatting ... so complicated to me but so wonderful done.

Michelle said...

Your Sea Stars is gorgeous! I have been wanting to stitch this for a while now. Congrats on the finish!