Monday, May 14, 2007

Runnin' out of steam

Phew! What a week. I feel that the needle in my hand is burning smoke, but there's also an achiness in the wrist and the knuckle bed due to the stitching I've been doing. (and frogging... oh my, I saw James Bond's Casino Royale -- Daniel Crag, not David Niven... and HUBBA HUBBA!!! And miscounted. And had to frog!)

The Malaysian Stitchers had pinkeep exchange, and of course, mine was sent out late. However, my recipient (Aniza) was really gracious and sooo kind and she likes it... woot woot! Esp with my multicolour approach to quaker stitching. I used perle cottons, which has a different sheen and pops up a bit more on the stitching.

And here's the one sent to me, done by the so-talented Zalita. She used DipnTwist variegated pink, and what a lovely pink it is!

And here's an update on freehand embroidery... the infamous heart (this was drawn by hand, before putting the stitches in so there is no name for it... as yet).

And Patricia ANn's Secret Garden, slowly inching to a finish. Slightly late for Mother's Day but it will be delivered for the occasion anyhow :P

I started Fine Art Cross STitch LLC's Mucha (Autumn) .... just 200 stitches, but found tenting on 28ct linen is actually.. pretty cool!!


Carolyn said...

You've been busy!! Lots of pretty projects going on - I especially like the flower vine heart - looks so intricate. :)

bells said...

Wow! Looks like you've been stitching up a storm lately! Don't tell me you're beginning to second guess being part of the FBC? If I so much as see even a hint of pink from you, you can guarantee I'll be on the next plane over to kick your butt back into "funland". LOL.

But seriously, I LOVE the freehand embroidered vine heart. It's beautiful!