Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now I know that I've been really really late in posting stuff...

... but honestly, I've been really busy. HAven't stashed a bit except for picking up a few skeins of yarn for a knitting project, and trying to finish some of the bits and pieces of yarn from here and there. I didn't realise that when I actually moved to Augusta, I ended up inheriting some of Randy's yarn stash and now I'm trying to finish it in in tandem with the increasingly cold nights.

This was supposed to be GA! I thought the Deep South was hot! Now I really wanna try to knit the Burridge Lake afghan, which is a perfectly symmetrical piece made out of Celtic style knotwork, which means tons of cable work, but it's challenging in the way that it makes me look at a problem or project in a different light.

Speaking of things Celtic, here's the latest finish, Celtic Banner by Butternut Road!

WIPS galore:
Blue Ribbon Designs' Red Velvet Inscription Sampler

DMC's Early Spring, inching to a finish

And because I could not resist any longer, a new start, Ink Circles' Garden Stars... heh heh heh

I've got some knitting projects in the background but they can't be posted yet, alas. Now why do you ask have I been so diligent? Because my friends (they know who they are) are threatening that if I don't finish, I don't start another thing. Now isn't that a fate crueler than ... the death of stash?


Sweet Pea said...

I just spotted that Celtic Banner at my LNS this weekend and it immediately made the wish list.

karylsquilts said...

yaeeeeeeeee she back to stitchin !!
and over here now too !

gobblegobble...Happy Thanksgiving

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

There's even no agreement that you may start Garden Stars, but you started it anyway... * giggle *

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting an update... I've been wondering what u've been up to,and now I know....


snowy said...

I love the Celtic banner, well done. I was a bit worried about you...I'm glad you're OK

Charlene said...

Your Celtic Banner by Butternut Road was so gorgeous. Love it very much.

You must be really enjoy stitch all the wonderful piece. Great job, Janet.