Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On starting

I think after the discipline of school and work is over, it is ok to indulge in a little bit of ADHD. And I think I have a little bit of that. Nothing wrong with a short attention span -- in fact, from my experience, a lot of creative people and journalists (they are not always one and the same, though i've seen some sadly crazy creative journalism in the past) thrive from it.

Well, I have to address the problem of keeping with a project. See, I think in marriage, spouses must be faithful. But in cross stitch, we should be able to stray as much as we like.

I'd really like to start, not one, but about 7-8 new projects, and I dont know what is stopping me. Maybe it is the pile of unfinished things going "When are you going to stop neglecting me?"

WIPs are like children. The more you have, the less time you get to devote to each.

But begetting children is sort of the result of having crazy irresponsible and totally fun sex. (and let's face it, sex is always fun)

See, in the past, when I broke from the control of having "only 15 WIPs" --I have a suspicion I have more, but let's not go there, I would start whatever I liked. Without doubt. Without restraint. With rancor, delight and abandonment.

I'm feeling the urge again. I want to cut a bunch of fabric and put in 5 stitches into each piece, with all the starts I want to do. And then laugh wildly as I finish each one. Because it feels so good, so free and so fantastic.

Here's part of the list:
Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty
HAED's Turandot
HAED's The Bride
A few more from there
some samplers
more samplers
some oriental stuff

But it might be payback after that. It's like maxxing out 50K on credit cards and having to even stare at the horror of the interest.

In this case, the payback's name is called... joyce...

Right now, I'm looking for the perfect reason.
An insanity plea.
Begging for mercy.

Or the simple, inarguable one: The Devil Made Me Do It.


Joysze said...

All 'payback' has to say is: and I quote "And then laugh wildly as I finish each one."

*taps foot and waits to see a finish*

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

When you stop having new starts, it's like stopping having sex.. what's life without s.... new startssss!!!!

I remember you said about wanting to have finishes rather than piles of WIP's... WIP's again are like sex.. you enjoy the experience... You don't need babies (the finishes) in order to prove you enjoy sex (WIP's).

See the logic????

Novia - Queen of WIP's (s...) ha ha ha

Joysze said...

But her new starts are 5-10 stitches.... it would be over before she knows it. No fun there. Might as well, get into it and enjoy the looooong process.

Aw said...

hahaaa....Ee Koon, you are not alone. In facts you naughty,...coz you are going to lead me into this as well, coz my hands are so itching to get some new samplers to start....yeah....tqvm, I do not feel guilty of this. Cheers!!!!

Aw said...

hahaaa....you made me feel less guilty of my latest urge wanted to have some samplers to start. NOT YET....but I may jumped to the same wagon with you....grrr I have only ONE reason, i JUST WANT TO START...:-)

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Quickie is also fun *grin*