Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some new HDF stash

Miss Victoria Clayton of Hand Dyed Fibers fame recently held a clearance sale ... about half the price ... in order for her stock to transit to a newer brand of silk, said to be superior to the old one. (I've yet to try the new silk, but it sounds very exciting!).

What's a girl to do but to take advantage of the sale. I hope other HDF fans, like Mona and Veronica and the unforgettable AW (Aw, I know you read this blog!!!) back in MAlaysia also did some retail therapy.

Here's what came in the mail last Saturday: all variegateds, including some of her LE ones and a detritus bag, which was offered for six bucks. Out of the D-bag was a few partial skeins, full skeins and most of a hank of a variegated darkish green. Very pretty!

I wanted to make another order, but was persuaded to use some of the current stash first and then get others "at the regular price". That's ok, I've got a bunch of cool project ideas in my head for what I've got. More to come, after the tiger is done!


Aw said... dearest EK, you get quite a big stash...hahhaa...retail therapy, I just did it last week have to find excuse why not to buy :-)

May said...

She's dropped her prices anyway. :) It's 1.25 for solids, but more for variegated--can't remember, because I usually get the variegates in spools.

What are you going to do with it?


Cindy F. said...


Aida said...

What? VC had a sale and I did not know about it??? Been very busy at work.... drat.... double drat eesp when I have a list of silks I really really need.