Friday, January 16, 2009

Picking up a old WIP

So... the latest scheme for stitching in 2009:

Sooz said "Finish two, in order to earn your start for one."
Fact: I have a bad starting habit. Just think of it as my narcotic.
Fact: I have 22 active WIPs. Some of which I haven't worked on for four years.
Fact: I also have a small pile of fabric that tempts me every time I walk past that box it stays in.
Fact: I have a bunch of charts that need love.
Fact: I have two cats, one of which loves to jump and land on either my stitching or my chart.

So after weighing all of the above, I decided, Finishing two and starting one would be a great idea! So in my hair-brained willingness to earn my new starts... understand, this is my addiction, so I will do anything to earn new starts (even though I haven't decided what they are yet)...
I have decided to work on four pieces that are close to the end:
Papillon's Mary, Queen of Scots
Red Velvet Inscription Sampler (Blue Ribbon)
Oriental Fans (Joan Elliott)
and White Lightning (off a Dimensions kit)
I also have Garden Stars, which is a super fun stitch

I also caved one week before this Finish Two, Start One torture programme came into effect and put my first stitches into:
Sailors (Pelin Tezer)
Paradigm Lost (Longdog designs)
and Midsummer Night's Fairy (my first Mirabilia)

So in effect, it was like one step forward, two steps back... but I am resolute. I have to be strong. I have to stick to the deal. (or Joyce will come after me with a hatchet)
Here is the latest WIP of Mary, Queen of Scots.

After this one is done, it's off to Red Velvet.

As for new starts (oh boy, we had to go there)
Apparently, the Stab and Stash Element SAL needs to go into effect sometime soon.
We also cooked up a new SAL... we (Joyce, Novia and some other friends) have the Joan Elliott Oriental Odyssey book so we want to do three of the geishas there. I can't wait for this Geisha SAL.
Oh... and for some reason, I've managed to be suckered into a TW SAL. (thank you, Joyce...) Don't know which one to do yet, but I'm leaning towards something with peacocks.

ETA : Thanks for all these comments! Wow! I never expected such a response! Oh yeah! The floss is indeed DMC 115... thanks for reminding me to post this.


Vonna said...

MQoS is fabulous...are you using DMC 115? Gorgeous!

Terry said...

I love the red fiber in Mary Queen of Scots, could you tell me what it is? Your stitching is fantastic. WEll done

Terry said...

I love the red fiber you are using in Mary Queen of Scots, the stitching is beautiful. May I ask what fiber you are using?

Cindy F. said...

Girl! I'm proud of you! You are trying for those beautiful finishes!
Your Mary piece is absolutely gorgeous and I love your floss choice!! You have wonderful taste in designs!
Good luck with your goals and just have fun!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Very Beautiful! This is really going to be stunning when you are finished with it!

Anonymous said...

I never worry about an incomplete project. So long as I have learnt something from it, then the whole experience was valid, whether it was finished or not! (My husband is not always so willing to believe the validity of my unfinished stuf...)

Lovely work that you are doing!

May said...

Mary is stunning.

PS Emailed you, about Sampler Espagnole.

R a i n said...

Lovely wip indeed!

Barbara said...

That is stunning. Mind if I forward it to an e-list or two?

CraftyPretender said...


nope... go ahead!