Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shout out to a new designer

I found this as a link on either La Gatta's site or on the HDF Forum but I clicked and found myself on Stitchwiz Designs....

and came off being extremely impressed. This lady has a lot of talent! She offers Victorian, Quaker and French-inspired designs (and any sampler stitcher worth his or her own salt knows we cannot get enough of those beauties).

I don't often give kudos or shout outs, but I felt that this budding new designer definitely deserved a big one. Check out her link under my "Retail THerapy" links, or just click HERE:
She sells her designs at 8 bucks apiece, but also offers some very beautiful freebies.

1 comment:

StitchWiz said...

Hey there Crafty P.! I was googleing for some VC silks and your blog came up lol! So I browsed over and low and behold, I saw your wonderful shout out for my designs, Thanks! You just made my day girl!