Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Queens and prayers

Here's an update... a lackadaisicalone, of Mary, Queen of Scots. I was powering along on this one until my grandma in law passed away and DH and I thought it would be a nice gesture for my father in law to stitch a prayer sampler for him... so, of course, who needed to talk me into a new start, right?

As of last night, the piece for my FIL (My Big Toe, The Lord is my Shepherd) looked like this:

This stitches fast, which is both refresing and fun, considering it was another one of those multi page projects I seem to love to get involved with so much.

Speaking of multi projects, Yvonne Horn of Papillon Creations has a mystery SAL called Castles in the Air (pay 1 pound sterling to join, then you get to download all 24 parts free)... I decided to wait until there's a bit more WIPS on it before signing up. God knows, I have enough on my plate.

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