Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need to finish this while the mojo still works!

This is the latest update to My Big Toe's The Lord Is My Shepherd. Notice, that I refused to use the recommended threads and ummmm... created my own colour scheme. So far, so good... I have slightly over 3 pages more to go.
And then, it'll be back to focusing on finishes, like Mary, Red Velvet, etc.

Mary, in the meantime, stil looks like this:


Vonna said...

They both are looking so wonderful...just gorgeous!

Aw said...

great....on your way to happy dances

Joysze said...

I think not going with the recommended threads is a great idea, la. It's so purdy!!

xstitchfla said...

Could you share what colors you are using for the Lord is my Shepherd? Those are just beautiful!