Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just an update (no pix!)

When the Online Needlework Show was under swing, Tracy Horner (that marvellous Ink Circles designer) had her "tell me something interesting or unusual" prize draw, which I really appreciate because Ink Circles designs always have so much intelligent whimsy behind them, and her engineer's eye creates such wonderful designs.

I had won something two years ago (I Still Do), but after abstaining last year, I decided to try my luck. So I told her about how her mandala designs taught me how to create symmetry in my own designs for tattoos... and what a great surprise, she emailed and asked me what chart I wanted!

It was tough, because I already had so many (a bunch still unstarted hehehe)... but in the end it was a toss-up between Dutch Beast and Anatolia. My friends Brenda and Joyce were consulted but they voted for each one, so I brought DH in as a tie-breaker.

He loves sailing and he saw the boat in Dutch Beast, so at that point, I knew
a) what to pick
b) who to stitch this for!

I also bought her new Nine Lives (because... you can never have enough Oriental charts...)

Now on to other interesting things.... I'm going to dig around and find fabric for Hanky Pysanky and for Thai Di's Siam Fusion. I have Carrie's rainbow threads for HP, but for Siam Fusion, I thought of breaking some rules and making some designs pop on HDF... but first, I need to talk DH into driving to the LNS with me and picking up some black fabric.

Di hasn't seen the Spanish Rouge that's a WIP in my pile yet... I don't dare to show her... because it's not Rouge.

And I'm also looking to kickstart some Anagram designs soon. ElenaZ on the Forum is amazing... she finishes so many so fast and I have a few of them in my collection that are screaming to be stitched, one of which is the Grand Marquoir 2009, as well as the quaker (that she finished with I think Ethereal Blue or something)... and that mother of all samplers... Sampler Renaissance. I was thinking of how to tackle Sampler Renaissance, either on 18ct or Vikki's linen, but that's a project for much later. Those are projects that I would start after finishing some focus projects:

Mary Queen of Scots
Red Velvet Inscription Sampler
MBT The Lord is my Shepherd
Oriental Fans (Joan Elliott)
Garden Stars
White Lightning (a Dimensions kit)
Sampler Espagnole

There, I've said it... now, it's time not to cave in to another new start, hahahaha!

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Aw said...

happy dance very soon?....looking forward nervously, i hope I could pick up my stitching mojo more persistently after June.