Thursday, October 15, 2009

The East part is done

I guess I have not posted here for a few weeks, though the stitching mojo waned ever just so slightly... the blogging mojo has been down even worse, and while I used to access blogs constantly about 2-3 years ago, these days there seems to be little enough time.

Anyway, Ink Circles stitching is going strong.... Nine Lives is now done. It is the East part of my East and West sampler (both of them in different styles but by the same designer, going on the same piece of fabbie).

Here is the West part, as a start: PEregrination

And the finished East Part. Ink Circles' Nine Lives.

And a badly lit pair of WIPs, from Joan Elliott.... Fans of the Far East.

Here is the middle fan, all backstitched:

And the last fan, not backstitched. You can definitely see the difference!!!

I need to go strong to finish as many WIPs (the ones about to end, etc) in order to end 2009, so it's really time to be determined and focused. Wish me luck!

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