Monday, February 22, 2010

Managing the dreck and dross

I've realise that I've been letting the pictures tell the story (and why not, right?) Lots going on in real life, of course.... shop's busy, work is non stop, family is up and down, pets are busy (and have recently multiplied... oops)...

And then we came to the whole point about project managing (cross stitch project, la). My WIPS were whittled down last year thanks to a spectular year spent on finishing. Not the most exciting (ok, I DID do a few new starts but I also finished a bunch of stuff)... but when I decided to throw caution to the winds for 2010 stitching, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks... I have too many WIPs which pull me seven different ways from Sunday... and when I prioritise them, there's always something that says "Work on me" or "Start me". (starting obviously is more fun).

So in 2009, the grand plan was 1 main WIP, 1 sorta kinda WIP in focus, and it worked out great.
In Jan 2010, it was "Stitch what ever I damn well please"
By early Feb I had begun to see teh signs of projects about to burgeon out of control. So obviously, a rethink is needed. Boooo, hiss.... I know, I know

In the immediate future, I want to
continue working on Turandot.... I LOVE the art, and I Want my dad to love it too.
finish Name of God
finish Madonna.
finish White Lightning (joyce will be so proud to see so many F-bombs)
restart Celtic Banner, Bagatelle
start Hanky Pysanky
finish (maybe? haha) Auspicious Argosy. Should be quick and painless... PINN charts are huge and I am stitching this on grey aida
start DT Sanctuary (hahahahhaha!)
start Grand Marquoir 2009 (JL Grandsire)
start St Reatham, St Georges, Rosemarkie, all in HDF
finish Celle 1824
Find something to do for Novia's new one, and something for my Dutch nephew, P
continue stitching on Metta Puttfarcken 1811, Paradigm Lost (and obviously, stated starts)
Also considering stitching Bois le Duc. Have to work on my Longdogs...
maybe take up Spanish Rouge (or Spanish Poiple) that I inherited from Joyce
hrm, what else. Oh yes. Pelin Tezer's Sailors need to be done
Start a Mirabilia queen

As you can see... already out of control for Feb. Better whittle down the WIPS soon or DH is going to make noise and he has been indulgent so far (Even rush drove me to the LNS to buy my 28 x 35 inch 22 ct Oslo for Metta Puttfarcken). doesn't complain when I order HDF (Even if I use a small amount) Except when he sits on my Piecemakers. Then he gets very hissy fitty. I can't help it if Piecemakers are sharper...

Oh ya! I have finaly decided what to do with Madonna. I was RAKed that chart and the DMC and I lOVE stitching Mirabilias now (what took me so freaking long to discover that, as Sooz says). Well, I'm not Christian and neither is DH, so I'm likely going to gift it to a good friend. Think I'll gift it to Karen, who is a wonderful girl and a supportive, constant friend and has always been there. I owe her more than she thinks... the support and the listening ear when I had issues, and even what she taught me in my rookie year as a reporter... more grit and courage and integrity I learnt in 2 weeks with her than a lot of young journalists these days compile in five years. well, I have all the beads and filament, so here is hoping when it finally gets put in her hands, she will like it.

And here's some pics of WIPs, hehe:

Madonna of the Garden now: (thank god the fruit are all done)

Can you see the skirt better now?

And my new start... the gigantic reproduction sampler, straight from Sabine Tarterra-Gundacker, called Metta Puttfarcken. Done on HDF duochrome. Bought two hanks for it, hehe. This is a tiny dot in place of wehat is to come. and the floss toss:

I have a floss toss for Paradigm lost too (of course I can't do it in only one color... duhhhh) but I will save that for another time.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Love your WiPs, EeKoon, especially Madonna. By the way, I've nominated you for 2 blog awards :)

Debs said...

WOW! Loving the colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I admire your courage to list your WIP's, new starts and finishes. 4 thumbs up!!

farzana said...

Beautiful work nice posting.