Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Return of the Serial Starter

It has been many many moons (almost two years, from the looks of it) since I have done any blogging for stitching. In that meantime, I dropped the hobby, picked it up, dropped it again and picked it up again. An aunt (who I regret to say does not have a very commendable attention span) originally told me years ago that I would only be stitching for a year or two before getting bored. Eight years down, I'm still proving her wrong. Blogging is kind of fun and in a way, one of the decreasing ways for me to indulge in self-expression. Plus, one of my FB user groups was talking about blogging and she linked my big sister Joyce's blog: And I just missed the quantum of chatter and crafty perving over other people's things :) Add to the fact that I have once again, started to develop a slightly out of control amount of WIPs.... (and Joyce will surely kill me if I don't work on them)... so I am hoping the pictures will be of some motivation. So far this year, aside from a smallish Mirabilia finish (more on that in another post), I tried to do a trio of quakers from Wiehenburg - the Rose, the Dragonfly and the Butterfly. I finished the former two before finding my quaker mojo fizzing out -- so Butterfly is put on the backburner, after consulting some of my stitching circle. For the time being. Here is Rose and Dragonfly:
And the next WIP in the wings to be worked on.. (just so I can sneak in some new starts)... the DMC peacock (sorry, I took the pic at night). This sucker is kind of big but he is on aida and spread over nine parts. I'm going to work on this for the Blame Kevin Tober SAL (on FB)
So.... a return back to this blog, and hopefully, more regular updates. At least once a month, I promise... gulp ...


Novia said...

WOW!!! Welcome back!! You've been kept too long in the dungeon.
I always love your stitching as much as I fetish your toes LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the posts and looking at the pictures on your blog! Your color choices are amazing and the pieces that you choose to stitch are very inspiring. You seem to stitch a wide variety of pieces and I have come to see and appreciate different types of beauty from looking at your work. I've learned a lot. Thank you so much!