Monday, December 10, 2012

Fine-feathered Friend

OK, it looks like my sort-of pledge to blog somewhat regularly given an ultra-busy schedule might be panning out. So, remember that peacock? And how I bitch constantly about stitching with yellow? I still bitch about yellow. And now, it seems, lime green too! But I'm almost done with the top part of the bird, and I am dead sick of DMCs 166,167, 3819.... but on the bright side, after plodding along on the stupid feather fronts, I got bored and stuck in the eyes of the feathers - orange, @#$@#% yellow, dark blue, brilliant peacock blue (easily one of my favourite DMC colours) and some orange and peachy orange and suddenly, it popped. So here it is now, pending the background, which is mainly just half stitches, so it should go quickly.
So after all that bellyaching, I thought, ***k it! Let's work with a different colour scheme! I'm a purple ho, so I moved on to a long-neglected WIP, the great Mette Putfarcken 1811-1824 ( by which I mean that the chart is great, not my work on it), done by Sabine Taterra from European Reproduction Samplers. Sabine is quite amazing (Google "Samplers Berlin" to access her site) - and no slacker in the stitchign and charting area too. Without her, I don't think we'll have the chance to do repros, even if someone here breaks the colour rules. :)
(Pardon the toes. Unless, of course, you're some kind of foot fetishist. Yick). And a close-up:
Mette is stitched on 22ct Hardanger, bought at the now defunct Counted Stitches, in South Carolina (*sob* I really loved that LNS), with HDF silks, in Rose Quartz some-number and Ultraviolet some-number. Dont' you love how specific I am? :) Till then, gentle readers, :) I need to do some drawing in the week, and stop stitching for a few days or get my butt kicked for procrastination!

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Novia said...

Fantastic. Beautiful peacock and your colors combi is always pretty.