Wednesday, January 02, 2013

And into the third column

Nothing much to report. Christmas came and went. Other people ate like crazy. I dieted. New Year came and went. Other people ate like crazy. I dieted. Oh, and I started two new Longdog samplers - Bagatelle and Paradigm Lost, both on 28ct. So they are gonna be HUGE! This is what happens when you get too fat! LOL Anyway, as work schedules are set to change soon (and I am so looking forward to that) I expect to read more, draw more, stitch more and create a whole lot more. On the stitching front, the mojo meandered. I started HRH (Houses of) but couldn't find the mojo to stick anywhere but Mette Putfarcken. As a result, I knocked out almost 3 pages worth. Not much, but considering it is 48 pages, that's... 1/16th of the whole chart :) Here's a pic! More pictures in a few weeks, of other projects I hope!


Novia said...

Looking GREAT!!! Keep on posting!!!

Kevin said...

OMG that is GORGEOUS!!! You stitch the most amazingly beautiful projects. 48 pages!? (Gulp) Can't wait to see the next update on this. Love the peacock on your blog, also.