Monday, February 11, 2013

Paradigm takes shape, but slowly

Not posting a lot, due to work and schedules and feeling generally tired, but I have been clinging on to sanity through stitching. The Chinese New Year is upon us, and along with that, is a new work schedule and a resolution to get a little healthier and saner, and hopefully accomplish more at the same time. On the stitching front:
I made Paradigm Lost one of my starts for the end of the year (breaking resolve in the face of errr, itchy fingers). For years and years, I've coveted and wanted to stitch Paradigm Lost. When I got the chart about six years ago, I don't know what phased me - maybe because I was stitching a lot of Ink Circles at the time and Tracy Horner tends to print brighter, bigger and easier to read charts. I had started PL a few years back and frogged it -- which was a surprise because I've tackled larger pieces before. Anyway, it seemed like the right time -- and so it has. Though it is growing slowly as it doesn't seem to be the WIP I am focusing too much on, it is a rather enjoyable stitch and I love the pristine contrast of the blue against the white fabric.
This peacock, on the other hand, is growing quite well. Still a bunch of nice colours to work with but the tans and light greens tend to get blurry after a bit. The next section, or page 5, will be the middle one in the far right column. More feathers... erk... And last but not least, I've just finished Page 12 or 13 (lost count) of Mette Putfarcken.... lots of tiny little stitches in purple and pink, and I do love it.
Until the next post... take care, readers! And thanks for dropping by! I don't blog as much as I used to anymore but I appreciate it when you read when I try to: )

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Kevin Tober said...

Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love that third piece in the pinks and purples! WOW!!