Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Another year, another WIPocalypse, another series of plans

One of the most interesting things that I've learnt about my bad habit of really being able to start a lot of new projects and being extremely poor about finishing them is that - no matter how good intentions are and what it takes, plans have a great way of going awry. Sometimes, though, in the best sort of way.

Looking back, my attempt (in the midst of a very busy and stressful 2013), my last blog post was in 2013! And after battling even more stress, life changes and possible depression a few years before, is it any wonder that this blog, which is about eight years old, was in need of a thorough overhaul.

 So, an overhaul it is. I tossed out the old layout and customised a new one - although suspect that more changes will come according to whims.

Apparently, changing to the new layout also managed to lose all of my old links, so for all my blogging friends or other (similar) blogs who would like to be linked, please drop me a comment!

I made a pledge to myself to be more creative and crafty from now on, even if this means losing sleep. For creativity is like a beast, it really misbehaves when you don't feed it. Feeding the craft addiction is also something like that.

 I made a pledge to write more often (which means this blog provides a reason NOT to dodge this activity). 

Since other blogs that were started have fallen on the wayside, I also decided to amalgamate all my activities that I would blog about - stitching, tatting (not really), art (sometimes), sometimes writing, cooking, eating and general ranting are all going to be placed... you guessed it... here.

Aside from that, Kevin Tober, that marvellous enabler/comrade/stitching partner in crime has nudged me towards WIPocalypse 2014. Since 2013 was not the greatest of stitching years (although I finished that DMC peacock .... pictures in a later post), 2014 should be a new year and a great one for a new leaf. Right? RIGHT?

So.... WIPocalypse. On Kevin's direction, I went to Meari's blog: (you can also join in...the more, the merrier, right?)  the WIPocalyse blog and Joined.

Yeah! Am committed now! Also looked at the list of participants and was encouraged to find his name there, along with Gothtigger (FB buddy and fellow cat lover) as well as my sister-from-another-mother, Joyce, who owns the amazing Random Ramblings blog. (Speaking of sisters, my other one Novia - if you're reading this, Nov - I seem to have lost your blog in the great reformatting process).

So getting back to WIPocalypse: Here are my projects to work on this year:
1) Paradigm Lost (will finish this even if it kills me)
2) the Name of God (My Big Toe)
3) one of the Vermillion Stitchery International Bears (Even if it kills me too!)
4) Flamenco (Papillon Creations)
5) Stained Glass Peacock (Kappie Originals)
6) Mette Putfarcken 1824 or 1811... forget which (Sabine Taterra at European Reproduction Samplers)
7) Wisdom Geisha (Joan Elliott)

The list will change as the year progresses ;) Also, some new starts have been planned: Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty, a Chatelaine, a Sara Guermani and ... hmmm, maybe a Joan Elliott again.

 So here's to a new start again. Some stitching, some drawings and ... yeah, CraftyPretender will be featuring food porn in time too. Because, you know, even the creative types get hungry. Especially when they're stitching.


Kevin said...

Oh boy! A "shout out" in your blog pour moi? I feel like a celebrity. ;-)
Your plans for the WIPocalypse and your blog sound wonderful. I love the style of the blog right now (love GREEN and love that peacock on top!)

CraftyPretender said...

you crack me up!! You are so loved in the community, Kevin!

Joysze said...

Hey!!! I didn't know you're still posting!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok... I was too excited to read the post yet and had to comment first... I go read it now...

Joysze said...

Ok... I'm back!!!

First things first, great overhaul. Luuuuuurve the green!!! Can I make a suggetion, ah? Change the font color to either cream or light gray cos the white on green is really hard on the eyes. Go blind, already, ah!

Also, you can't join Wipocalypse without joining IHSW!!! ;)

Novi's blog:

Erm what else ah?... FOOD PORN!!!! and lots of it, please. ;)