Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hardanger: a Riot of Colours

I know, hardanger's supposed to be elegant. Nice soothing colours, classic shapes, lace-like detail.

I think I'll eventually get to some of those, except that single colours sort of, erm, bore me. (working white, on white, or ecru on white? *Scream* surely you jest)

Thus, this is more like carnival-time hardanger. Someone calls it Bollywood hardanger. ROFL.

The red bookmark (see that cute little tassel?) is my first real hardanger finish, and will be given to a good friend Karen. Well, she doesn't know it yet (neither does she know this blog exists, so it is safe, hehehe). I did have fun making these, including my first few Maltese crosses.

The others, are actually little coaster things, which ... ended up not being coasters because my mother decided that they were too pretty (hunh?) to put coffee and spill drinks on. Besides, on 25-count, they're awfully small unless you use them for a doll's tea party.... so since she said "So nice" blah blah, I volunteered to make her five squares (one each to represent her, dad and their three children ... I made the purple one for me :P)

.... I'm done, except for cutting all the threads out... gosh, that's more cramping to the hand than 3 hours of stitching on the stiffest of badly-made aidas.

After this, a short break from Kloster Blocks is called for. Some of my friends at work saw my art WIP ... pencil, ink pens on paper, nothing special, but it really is half done and still looks like crap! I see Teri Rosario's elements paintings slowly grow and grow into something so beautiful, and think about my work... aiyoh... pathetic!

But I also figure that at this stage, still learning how to draw properly and work with colours without referring to a colour wheel (again... structured rules.. boringgggg...) ... I have found that the biggest hurdle yet for drawing and colouring is overcoming impatience. One of the ways best recommended to work with this ? the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. It's a real classic, and recommended by MrP. And btw... the techniques work!

I was going to look for it in the shops when I realised that my brother has a copy he bought in San Francisco and never read. So... it's been pilfered, er, I mean, borrowed for the longish term. *cough* But don't tell him. *wink*


vEr0n!c@ said...

I think the hardangers looks great! Sure, they're different from the typical white but that's what makes them unique. Bright and cheerful and somehow totally you.

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

I like the Bollywood hardanger as well, really inspiring.