Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Violet pineapple doiley

I was going to post my hardanger pictures, because I've been working pretty hard on them these past few days and am currently calling off any urges to do satin stitches... so I got them uploaded to Yahoo! and thanks to my fabulous hand-eye coordination, managed to delete the whole lot!!!! Argh!

Well, I'll have to upload and update later, I suppose. That's a whole other post there, so I figured I'd post a recent crochet finish first. This is a pineapple doiley - a big one - done using lavendar Amina poly thread. Why didn't I discover Aminah earlier? This Japanese (at least that is what I think it is) brand sells some of the smoothest and easy to work with synthetic fibres for crochet I have ever come across. The downside -- got the ball of thread in Chinatown and I don't venture over there very often, and Aminah threads are not found so easily.

Anyhow, the pattern is from an Ondori book I bought in Tokyo last year. I heard there's a huge craft super-complex in Tokyo but couldn't manage to find it... perhaps another time. Navigating through the Tokyo subway itself is an adventure on its own, let alone trying to find the correct directions in kanji. It's a little funny how some patterns come full circle ... some of the blouse patterns are very much like the ones in the 80s, and pineapples are more popular than ever.

The doiley was my grandma's New Year's present, and she puts it in the living room table every day. I would sound more upbeat if I wasn't stressed at time of posting... work stuff, bleh :(

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